The Drawing Concentration is open to all undergraduate students. Students typically decide to become concentrators toward the end of their first-year or in their sophomore year. It is also possible to begin the concentration in the junior year. Students are eligible to officially become concentrators once they can demonstrate that they can complete the requirements for the concentration.


Using a 15-credit minimum, students will take at least five 3-credit courses:


One (required) or Two History of Drawing or seminar courses.
The HAVC courses could also count towards a concentration in HAVC and/or the required HAVC courses.

Two or Three Elective drawing courses (Required drawing courses in EFS will not count towards the concentration).  Courses can be selected form DRAW electives or from approved Departmental offerings.

Please note: only one drawing elective from your home department will count towards the Concentration.

One (required) Independent Drawing course where students from different majors work side by side. This course will provide an extended period of time for students to develop a body of self-directed work that can be considered a capstone. Guidance comes through individual and group crits. Ideally this course will follow the completion of at least 2 elective drawing courses and a history of drawing course.